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Daughter of Steve Marriott, Mollie followed on in the family tradition by going onstage early.

At the tender age of 15, Mollie was asked by Liam Gallagher himself to record some vocals for the Oasis album Heathen Chemistry. From this she was very honoured to work with Proud Mary (signed to Big Brother) and the Modfather himself Paul Weller. Mollie sang at the Astoria London tribute to her late father Steve performing with Paul Weller, Zak Starkey & Deborah Bonham and at The Royal Albert Hall with Dean Rees Steve Ellis and legendary Ronnie Wood as part of the Ronnie lane Memorial Concert.

Mollie has also worked live with Joe Brown and his band before having been involved with a week run at the Theatre Royal Windsor whilst previewing the songs for the Musical Skiffle which Joe and Roger Cook have written. She has sung backing vocals for Joe, Dennis Locorriere (Dr Hook), Mark Knopfler and Chas and Dave for Joe Browns 50 years in show business gig at The Royal Albert Hall.

As well as having a rock side, She has been known to prove her soul and R’n’B side by working with her Fathers well known Backing Singer and Ikette P.P Arnold. Mollie has also recently worked with Tom Felton, proving Mollie to be a versatile vocal talent!

Mollie has been known for her session work for the likes of ITV and the BBC and many advert and film work. Mollie’s last session was working with the Legendary Tony Visconti for the new album from Jim Stapley. She has also recently performed with the likes of Mick Hucknall, Jeff Beck and The Who at Kenney Jones’ Hurtwood Park in aid of prostate Cancer and joined Kenney in the recent Faces reunion providing Backing Vocals for Rod Stewart and the band.

Mollie has now decided to fly solo so using her Rock influence and mixing it with her soulful sounds, Mollie is set to conquer the music industry at full speed!

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I get a lot of messages from you all asking what my logo stands for. I was raised by my mother on Buddhist... https://t.co/6gm0JWMX1J
about 22 hours ago | @MollieMarriott

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 I get a lot of messages from you all asking what my logo stands for. I was raised by my mother on Buddhist beliefs so I have always been into spirituality. Over the last 5 years i've learnt so much about myself and what I am capable of than ever before. I have done so much research and really got into meditation. Don't worry, i'm not going to shove this down your neck as each to their own! I learnt that playing cards were made as a way of secretly teaching people about other forms of spirituality behind the catholic church's back hundreds of years ago and that groups would have special meetings to learn more about the universe and their soul. They called them "The Cards Of Life" and were sometimes even used like tarot cards. I found this fascinating. I looked into it further and discovered what each suit stood for. The four suits clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, collectively represent the four elements (wind, fire, water, and earth), the seasons, and cardinal directions.Also, Death, Love, Money, Happiness. They represent the struggle of opposing forces for victory in life. Basically everything I have fought through to get to this point. When starting my journey of becoming a solo artist, I said I always wanted a symbol that stood for everything I am. I went to Nashville to start the writing process for my album in 2014. There I met up with my dear Peter Frampton. A beautiful moment that was certainly fate. Dad was certainly around that day. When I walked into his studio.. there, carved into the wall were the four suits. It made sense to me.. thats it!! They have followed me everywhere the last few years and that was THE moment. Re connecting with friends and family, finding myself as an artist. We both talked about our connection with them. To me it stands for all the above, my life, my fight, my happiness, my Dad and his connection and my future! #flashbackfriday #peterframpton #studio #recording #playingcards #suits #music #family #friendship #legend #spirituality #hippie #love    ♦️♣️♥️♠️
 One of my favourite tees. I rarely wear them but this one makes me smile so much!! ♥️ for Mac xxx #ianmclagan #tee #tshirt #fashion #style #smallfaces #keys #redlips #rednails #band #rollingstones #legend  My safe place, my escape  @smallfacesmusical xx
 My #womencrushwednesday @itsdorothysucka ♥️♥️ the fiercest chic around! Beautiful! What a voice! #wcw #women #rock #music #singer #songwriter #pinup  Mr Sam Tanner... I love writing and performing with this man. He has put up with so much shit from me and still stuck by my side! Mentalist! He makes the best green curry EVER and loves a bit of hemp milk! What more could you want in a bestie! Can't wait for you to hear the songs we've written. Taken backstage at the Brother Strut gig last week shortly after him and the boys blew the roof off. #buff #friendship #love #respect #band #funk  ♥️♣️♦️♠ ticket link in biog
 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this glorious man!! #paulweller #mod #legend #love #respect #music #icon #modfather  Inspired to get the latex out... Well why not #Sunday #sundayfunday #latex #love #style #stylist #fashion  I have so much to do but can't tear myself away from my Mary Jane... Songs are a flowing!!! #singer #songwriter #guitar #music #lyrics #melody #passion #picoftheday

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